On a Humorous Note

While there is a tendancy to focus on matters purely technical, over the years, there have been a number of humorous pieces that have appeared on the internet and in the pre-Internet days.

This web-section is an attempt to provide you the reader with a few chuckles, which often are technically-based. As usual, we encourage your submission of material for this section of the website as well.

As we look for material to host in this section, enjoy the Screwtape Letter style of dialogue that made its way in the Scientology discussion folder of the Religion Section on AOL back in 1993 --> 1994.
There may be further material in that genre' waiting to be published. If you are aware of more Screwtape posts from AOL, please let us know.

  1. Scatological Screwtape Letter exchanges from AOL.

  2. Keeping the World Safe From Squirrels

  3. Humorous images you may have missed.

  4. LRH to be named the next Celebrity Apprentice?