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One of the most vicious threats to the goal of spiritual freedom for mankind are the squirrel groups that have been springing up in the field. They are altering the technology, wrecking people's cases, and giving everybody a bad name.

  One particular odious squirrel group that has given a lot of us a bad name is now charging hundreds of dollars an hour for auditing and promising "totally standard service" to hundreds of unwary victims. Yet when one examines this particular squirrel group, one finds very few of the staff have any tech training or auditing; instead, most of the auditing is done by inexpert auditors or interns who work for nothing or next to nothing, and important posts such as Ethics Officer are being held by people recruited off the street who have virtually no training and are working for next to nothing.

  This particular squirrel group is surrounded by failed cases, angry public demanding refunds, and failed auditors (a very low percentage of their interns ever finish an internship). PC's are constantly told they need expensive repairs and folder work, and C/S's there have some screwy notion that you run people's cases on Confessionals and repair lists and throw out the famous standard Scientology Bridge (except for the rich and famous).

  This same group of squirrels and criminals has been a constant source of embarrassment to those of us concerned with the purity of the tech and spiritual freedom of mankind. Many of its leaders are convicted felons (in fact its head leader is presently in hiding to escape legal action). Over the years, it has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to pay for its illegal little shenanigans. They paint their buildings funny colors, dress in funny uniforms, and run around screaming at each other. This, they are told, is "standard tech".

  Sorry, but if this group of amateurs had any notion of standard tech - or decency and honesty, for that matter - they'd close up shop real quick, stop committing overts, and get trained and processed and learn to deliver the real Bridge.

  Standard tech is laid out very carefully in HCOB's, tapes, and other material. When one runs an organization where there is other-intention (such as let's make as much money as we can, or let's get only the "right" people on lines), the whole scene quickly degenerates into a sorry bit of squirrels, stats go to hell, arbitraries and stops become the order of the day, and angry public beat down the door demanding refunds.

So get with it guys, and don't support squirrels.




  Copyright 1984

  by L. Ron Hubbard


NOTE: This HCOB (technical bulletin) appeared on the front desk of the ASHO (American Saint Hill Organization) Foundation.
  In the interest of history, I thought y'all would like to read this bulletin. I cannot vouch for its authenticity, but I invite you to consider
  WHO is the particular Squirrel Group being talked about in this bulletin. The answer might surprise you.

This HCOB was posted in the Scientology Religion folder on AOL by none other than ScrewyTape as part of his work with WormyWood.

The Dialogues between ScreyTape and WormyWood can be found here on Squirrel-Tech.Org by clicking here.