NewsFlash: L. Ron Hubbard to be named
the next Celebrity Apprentice?

Recent gigs on NBC's Apprentice have centered around celebrites competing to be the next "Celebrity Apprentice". An unnamed source from Mark Burnett's staff leaked the latest bombshell surprise in the history of the Apprentice project.

Donald Trump promised us that season 8 of the Celebrity Apprentice will bring us surprises like no other. We've already seen a number of surprises in season 8 thus far. The circulating rumour is that L. Ron Hubbard is to be named the next Celebrity Apprentice, circumventing the 10 remaining contestants.

This latest surprise has stunned everyone involved with the television show, although everyone interviewed agrees that naming L. Ron Hubbard the next Celebrity Apprentice would make an awful lot of sense. Of course the remaining 10 celebrities are outraged that Hubbard is being picked in advance of the season finale.

When Trump was asked why he thinks he can get away with selecting LRH bypassing the selection process originally agreed upon by the shows producers, his short but sweet reply was "...because I'm Donald Trump!"

A member of the Burnett's video crew quietly forwarded us a copy of this video which was not to be released until late May. Check out this video and see if you agree that LRH should become the next Celebrity Apprentice.