Who We Are

Squirrel-Tech.Org is sponsored by the California Association of Dianetic Auditors (C.A.D.A.) - the Oldest Independent Dianetic Organization still in Existence. This website in part fulfills one of the listed goals in Article 2-L of the C.A.D.A. Articles of Incorporation, which states:

    To print and publish articles, books, lessons, periodicals, radio and/or television script or other media for the purpose of dissemination of Dianetics to the membership and/or the public.

Squirrel-Tech.Org was originally the brain-child of C.A.D.A. vice-President Lou WIlson (a.k.a. GlueFish). Because Lou had no real time to maintain such a website, the C.A.D.A. negotiated purchase of rights to the URL for the sum total of $1 (one dollar) - non-profit organizations don't have much money.

At Squirrel-Tech.Org, we do not necessarily endorse one Dianetic or Scientological method over an other. Rather, we encourage the submission of all legitimate auditing procedures and techniques. Our goal is simply to make technical information available to interested people worldwide.