Management: Macro & Micro

While Management theories as we know them today have been around since WW-II, the majority turn out to be worthless, workable only for awhile or in conjunction with or against some social-context.

Fully functional Management actually is actually operating out of an agreed-upon duality: Macro (Bigness) .vs. Micro (Smallness). It could be said that a main reason companies and organizations eventually disassemble is due to a blurring of distinction between:

  • Insignificant Significances

  • Significant Insignificances

Huh? What happened to BIGness and SMALLness?

Yes! What DID happen? What makes something Significant (i.e. BIG)? YOU Do! What makes something Insignificant? YOU Do.

When you really GET that, the Quality of your "management expression" will dramatically improve.

On a similar note, some years ago I purchased a time management tape course that was worthless, except for the 1st tape wherein she word-cleared the two distinctions:


  2. Important

Urgent, Important - Significance - Insignificance

"...Who knows which is which - and who is who"?

Understand the above four distinctions and the quality of your professional and the impact it has on your personal life will take a dramatic leap forward.

As Editor of this web-section, look for me to contribute a couple of "classic" pieces from the original Bushido for Business course taught in Los Angeles area back in 1985 - 86 to elaborate on those points further.

Meanwhile, it is the goal of this web-section to provide you with management write-ups that are unique as well as workable. If you have come across some approach to organizational management you would like to share with the world, please send us your material and we will post it in this section.

As I put the wraps on this new web-section, enjoy this management essay by Ed of Freezone San Francisco on corectly applying the Enemy Formula - it would seem that most, if not all of us, have been doing it all WRONG - Oooooops. Or as Monty Python so succicntly put it: Everything you Know.... is WRONG!..." OR, as the "church-lady" put it so succicntly: "Never-mind...." (spoken with her nauseatingly-irritating nasal vocie).