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A crucial tenet of Dianetics is the importance of establishing and maintaining unaberrated communication lines with persons and organizations interested in furthering a given uptone cause.

Because Squirrel-Tech.Org plays an important role in the Independent Dianetic & Scientological fields, we are always open to your thoughts, feelings, emotions and suggestions regarding material on this website.

It is through your input that we will continue to grow in spirit and ability; which we can then share with the rest of the internet world.

For the purpose of facilitating e-mail communiction, we have set up the following address: Squirrel_Editor@Squirrel-Tech.Org.

Feel free to write us at the above address with your Questions, Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions, Ideas and Writings.

Also, if you would like to submit any juicy news tidbits relating to the Cof$ or the Freezone, I will consider them for posting on an upcoming online scrap board. Send your juicy stuff to DeepThroat@Squirrel-Tech.Org.

You can reach the content editor for this website by voice at the following number:

Ronald Allen
(818) 216-5376